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彩票平台注册送体验金 www.p12x.com.cn   努力是成功的重要因素,任何事情只要你努力去做了,就等于成功了一半。下面就跟大家分享努力与成功的英语作文,希望大家喜欢!


  Work hard With the development of society, more and more intense competition. Therefore, we must constantly upgrade themselves to adapt to social development. Therefore we need to work hard. First, we must acquire more knowledge. There is no doubt that knowledge is the foundation, especially in this modern society. Secondly, we must exercise our capabilities, for example, ability to communicate with people, teamwork ability. Because the capability is a guarantee of success. Finally, confidence is also very important. If there is no self-confidence, you will achieve nothing. We will be ready towards our dream to work hard to write my own colorful life.




  One of the themes that are common to everyone is how to become success. Some believe that luck is essential to people's success, while others assert that hard work has everything to do with success. On balance, I tend to agree that hard work is a valuable factor contributed to people's success.

  “no pains, no gains” .Without exerting oneself, one could never expect to achieve success in no matter what one is doing. As is known to all, there is no royal road to the summit of success. One is likely to succeed only when one has worked with whole-hearted devotion and perseverance. Those who are lazy, sloppy and indifferent to their work, those who never concentrate on work will definitely end in failure. On the whole, as far as they are concerned, hard-working is the decisive factor to success.

  In my view, When opportunities come, meet and make full use of them. Only in this way can we succeed one day.


  Behind every great achievement in anyone's life lies perseverance.We see this in every human endeavor.Outstanding sportsmen spend all their time practising.Their endurance is beyond imagination.

  The same is true of businessmen who build up fortunes.What we usually see are their achievements, but once we go behind the scenes we will find that they have put in a lot of continual steady efforts.We all have read of great musicians, writers and inventors who have created or discovered breakthroughs in human achievement.Invariably they have said that they owe all their success to perseverance.As to college students, quite a big number of then, have become successful language learners through perseverance, however, a certain group of them, just stop half way and their previous efforts turn out to be fruitless.

  Of all the countless examples the saga of Colonel Saunders is perhaps one of the most outstanding.The 65-year-old man from Kentucky had a dream to start a chain of fried chicken restaurants all over the world.To realize his dream, he knew that he needed a restaurant owner to go into partnership with him to open the first restaurant and to fry chicken according to the secret recipe he had.Colonel Saunders had knocked on 1008 doors before he finally found his partner.It is doubtful whether many of us would have had the perseverance to knock even a hundred doors.

  From the above discussion we can draw a conclusion that success comes to anyone who keeps working perseveringly and lack of perseverance can only result in frustration and failure.






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