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彩票平台注册送体验金 www.p12x.com.cn   十年,多漫长的时光。你有想过十年后的自己是什么样子的吗?跟大家分享十年后的我英语作文,希望大家喜欢!


  Now, I am sixth grade student. After ten years later, I will be a college graduate and apply for the first job in my life. I think I will be a teacher, because it’s my dream. I will teach my students all I know. Maybe I will meet some problems and challenges in my new job, but they can’t beat me. Besides, I can earn money and support myself at that time. Therefore, I can do a lot of things I like. For example, I can travel in summer or winter vacation. Or I can go to see a movie at weekends. It seems so wonderful.



  When I was in Grade Five in primery school,I loved a girl.That time I was so timid that I dared not professing to her.

  Later on,we went into the same junior middle school,and were in the same class.I was the monitor still.One day,I said to her:"Good,your English has fast increacing."She smiled,and her face turned red suddenly,then she seen my broken coat,she said,"Could I help you to repair it?" I said,"Thank you."

  Three years later,we entered the same key high scholl,but were seprated into different classes.For different reasons,my study process reduced and reduced,but her process was opposite.So I have lost the opportunity and capital to profess to her.Although that time I was no longer timid as a mouse. joozone.com

  Sometimes I met her on the road,I gave her a nod and a smile.That was all.Because I didn't want to influent her study.She could easily entered the key colledge,but I was just a bad student.

  Now,almost ten years gone,I love her still.Will I love her three years later?I don't know.

  But I kown she is beautiful,so,it's true that there are many people that love her.But it does't matter.Beause whether she is my GF or not is no longer importent.Now I just want to forget her,wasting less than three years is best.

  Along the three years,I will make my life as valuble as possible,including talking as much as possible with as much people as possible.For example that day I took a phone to Dormitry 628.But I was confused that why HuYanchun refused to take it.(To HuYanchun)You didn't know what I would say.Certainly,I don't know what I would say either,beause I don't konw what you would answer.But one point was sure:I would absolutely not say"I Iuv u"to you.Bease I would leave the three words said today.

  HuYanchun is my fellowvillager,it means that she is the only person who can PK local accent with me.Although ZhongZhishan is also my fellowvillager,Ganzhou is very far from my home,I can't understand Ganzhou accent.But I know Huichang accent well,because some students came from Huichang in my middle schooll caree.(To HuYanchun)If you talk with me in our local accent as usual,it has no more better.

  Perhaps in your eyes,HuYanchun is not the most beautiful person in our class,but in my eye,she is.(To HuYanchun)I'm the only boy in our class loves you.No matter whether you have boy friend or not,after all,I love you.I think this love will last more than ten years,it means that,after ten years,I will become the man who loves you still.


  In a hurry, time like fine water outflow from the fingers, twinkling of an eye, the past decade. I came to the street, there are no sharp brakes, no noise, a quiet and peaceful scene everywhere.

  Since the implementation of the green, the crowded of small shops and restaurants, disappeared almost overnight, their substitutes is a large a large grass and flower beds, and row after row of tall poplars. , the city has almost become the sea of green, the flower of the world, the air is very pure and fresh and sweet. Blue sky, as if was scrubbing the spotless. Clouds like painted, so white, white as only a sheep for a walk in the sky. The lake like a fountain, please, so clear, clear enough to see the bottom of the fish swimming. In the evening, people sit on the boat, row into the center of lake, beautiful sunset and the reflecting pool on the surface, this beauty is so let a person yearning!

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